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Welcome to Knot for Fun

A Site Dedicated to Rope, Knots, Tree Swings, and Outdoor Adventures

All of us use electronic gadgets such as cell phones, music generating devices, computer games, and video entertainment. The pace of change in such technology seems to be accelerating, and consumed by almost all types of people. All this high tech wizardry comes at a cost, both financially and spiritually. The more we submerge ourselves in these marvels, the more we can become withdrawn from our surroundings and the real world found outside the front door.

At Knot for Fun we would like to restore some of the creative outdoor play, equipped with a simple tool: Rope. With the ability to tie half a dozen knots, trees, and availability of scrap lumber or logs, a limitless array of exciting combinations can be achieved. I'm talking about swings, bridges, platforms, tree houses, rope zip lines, games, and shelters to entertain the young at heart. Instead of using just your thumbs, as in playing a video game, use your whole body and mind to create an action course that is uniquely yours.




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front cover of Why Not Knot for Fun

Our book about knots and adventures written just for children: A Must for Inquisitive and Active Children


classic swing

Classic Swing Kit : Old Fashioned Quality. Made in the U.S.A.

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